In 2022 Ligula Foundation contributed with roughly 1 million SEK (≈91,800 euro) to organizations that work for the benefit of children and animals.
The Foundation has received 10 000 SEK in Anna Söderberg’s name, which will be distributed in consultation with the Söderberg family. The sum is dedicated cats and their well-being. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the memory of Anna, from the Söderberg family.
Lilgula Foundation supports Nordens Ark by being a fodder partner to the wolverine.

We want to contribute to a better world

Ligula Foundation is a charitable foundation that is mainly focused on children and animals. The support we provide may include long-term projects as well as individual specific responses.

Ligula Foundation is founded by the owner family Löffler and Tastsinn AB together with the subsidiaries and sister companies of Ligula Hospitality Group AB. All with the ambition to contribute to a better society at large. 

  • We have chosen to focus our efforts primarily on children and animals because we feel that they are important for future sustainability. Without an abundance of wildlife and healthy children the future will look bleak, says Uwe Löffler, Chairman of the Foundation.

The work of the Foundation is financed by a fundamental contribution from the family as well as contributions and donations from the various companies in Ligula Hospitality Group. For every booking made on, Ligula Foundation donates SEK 10 to charity. Thank you for helping us help. The size of the contributions depend to a certain extent on the number of overnight stays that are booked on-line. This means that if you choose to book via Ligula Hospitality Group’s website and then spend the night at any of the Group’s hotels, you are indirectly contributing to the Foundation’s ambition to help create a better world.

  • Even if the Foundation itself is newly established, Ligula Hospitality Group has a long tradition of contributing to charities. For many years we have for example supported the important work of  Nordens Ark Zoo for the protection of endangered animals. We are also involved in an orphanage in Thailand. All around the Group other initiatives are also in progress. By coordinating all initiatives and increasing the amounts, we believe that we can be more effective and make greater contributions where they really make a difference, says Uwe Löffler.

Learn more about how the Foundation works and is managed.